Quality Matters

Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to land some pretty impressive jobs which has given us a boost in spirits.  Our scan team had a job scanning Number One on Star Trek Discovery tv show which airs on CBS Networks here soon.  That job was no small feat mind you!  We had the gorgeous actress, Sonequa Martin which was a treat….and she is a hugger!  There she stands in this master piece of a space suit made by the vfx teams master […]

We be “buggin”!

Here at Second Chance Games and Visual Effects we get asked a lot to scan things that keep our minds in gear!  Each job is different and we are subjected with new challenges to think about.  Recently we were asked if we could scan some bugs!  Some are large and some were really tiny in size.  Our hand held scanners would not be able to scan at such a small scale to provide any suitable data to work with so […]

Scanning clay without getting hands too dirty!

We had the pleasure of scanning a clay model of a cave that is going in a museum.  For scale, this model was made to equal one inch for every foot.  They needed a full to scale model of it to figure out how to construct and quote the HVAC and fire sprinkler system. We approach each job differently and this one was going to prove difficult just due to the nature of it.  The only parts that could come […]

How are 3d characters created?

With tender loving care!  No, really!  Let me explain. I remember our first job ever here at 2cgvfx.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I knew this particular character we were about to scan for Sleepy Hollow was going to be a hard one.  He resembled the grim reaper so he had this gigantic black robe thing that spread out so far.  Once I started scanning I realized just how much I needed Yoga in my life! […]

Sleepy Hollow Digital Doubles!

Had a great time working with the crew at Sleepy Hollow! We’ll be sharing more images of our digital double work in the future, so check back with us!

It’s a Wrap!

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Wrap up 2cgvfx has just wrap’d up a long season with Fox’s popular TV show, “Sleepy Hollow”. It’s been real fun creating digital double’s of wonderful creatures this show has developed. Their attention to detail is quiet evident in watching the show as my wife and I have done since its beginning. We loved seeing the period visuals in place as Crane’s (Tom Mison) memories. It really brought about the elegance of that period in time. […]

MoCap just got easier AND better!

Excited About MoCap Our new dive into MoCap has led us to Perception Neuron’s mocap suit.  At first, we were a little skeptical of such wizardry and all the fancy terminology that came with  articles about the suit in general.  But after buying one…..and waiting very patiently for it to arrive, we finally got it in to start testing!  I still remember the new smell when I opened the box and tore it open like a bandit.  I think my […]

Stay tuned…

Thank you for visiting our site! Stay tuned for updates on future projects, including the possible addition of Motion Capture to our list of services offered! We’re currently testing a state-of-the-art MoCap suit that can be worn just about anywhere!