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Quality Matters

Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to land some pretty impressive jobs which has given us a boost in spirits.  Our scan team had a job scanning Number One on Star Trek Discovery tv show which airs on CBS Networks here soon.  That job was no small feat mind you!  We had the gorgeous actress, Sonequa Martin which was a treat….and she is a hugger!  There she stands in this master piece of a space suit made by the vfx teams master […]

How are 3d characters created?

With tender loving care!  No, really!  Let me explain. I remember our first job ever here at 2cgvfx.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I knew this particular character we were about to scan for Sleepy Hollow was going to be a hard one.  He resembled the grim reaper so he had this gigantic black robe thing that spread out so far.  Once I started scanning I realized just how much I needed Yoga in my life! […]