It’s a Wrap!

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Wrap up
2cgvfx has just wrap’d up a long season with Fox’s popular TV show, “Sleepy Hollow”. It’s been real fun creating digital double’s of wonderful creatures this show has developed. Their attention to detail is quiet evident in watching the show as my wife and I have done since its beginning. We loved seeing the period visuals in place as Crane’s (Tom Mison) memories. It really brought about the elegance of that period in time.
All the actors were a real treat to work with as all were professional but down to earth to. Alexander Ward was a trooper for allowing us to cyberscan him after a long day of makeup and acting. I believe he said they started makeup as early as 4am! The “Wraith” was the very first one we managed to scan. And boy was it a good one! There was so much clothing material to scan using our Artec Eva and Spider scanners. We had to scan him with and without the “Wraith” suit on to get his visible arms and chest areas. Also the cross polarized texture photography was needed to get nice clean even color information to project onto the mesh work. The remesh was done to optimize the geometry and make it easy to animate in post. The “Wraith” had a great makeup job done by Corey Castellano, Mark Nieman and Joe Badiali. These guys did an awesome job on every character.
I will post one other character that stands out due to the complexity of the makeup job….and how great the model turned out on our end to!
Let us know what you guys think!

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