MoCap just got easier AND better!


Excited About MoCap

Our new dive into MoCap has led us to Perception Neuron’s mocap suit.  At first, we were a little skeptical of such wizardry and all the fancy terminology that came with  articles about the suit in general.  But after buying one…..and waiting very patiently for it to arrive, we finally got it in to start testing!  I still remember the new smell when I opened the box and tore it open like a bandit.  I think my wife thought I went crazy as I held it near to my chest and ran upstairs to my room.  After watching all the videos (twice) and reading all material that came with it, I was ready.  I called up Steven to come help try it out since he’s got years of experience with animating and 4 different mocap suits under his belt.  At first, like any new toy, you burn and crash a few times to only then realize things you we’re suppose to do from the start!  After we got a few good runs with the suit we figured out some hints and tricks to get good reads on data.  Its a pretty awesome suit though and you even get finger motion!  Things that some big studios can’t even pick up!  I knew right away we had something great to offer with our company.  The idea that we are portable.  Not locked to a studio environment.  That alone can save money big time with a production instead of flying in an actor to a studio…we go to them where they are shooting.  Given that we can be in a real environment gives it a feel of realism that lacks in a studio setting.  Best part is this thing is wireless!!!  Yup!  We can hook you up and let you go.  WiFi having a range of something like 300 feet give the actor plenty of room to wander.  Just imagine if you wanted for instance, a snowboarder going down a mountain for a video game.  Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get them going down a real mountain?!  Do you think the motions caught in a studio environment will look real compared to the actual thing?  Doubtful !

I have high hopes for this tech and I feel mocap will be more accessible to smaller indie companies out there.  And I hope they call on us for help!


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