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Star Trek Discovery

Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to land some pretty impressive jobs which has given us a boost in spirits.  Our scan team had a job scanning Number One on Star Trek Discovery tv show which airs on CBS Networks here soon.  That job was no small feat mind you!  We had the gorgeous actress, Sonequa Martin which was a treat….and she is a hugger!  There she stands in this master piece of a space suit made by the vfx teams master prop builders.  This suit was amazing and should give any trekkie goosebumps.  The attention to detail was outstanding and so this required us at 2cgvfx to up our game in respect.  The underlying suit she wore was in great detail as well.  Even has the Star Trek logo hidden in the pattern of the suit.  It had this copper feel to it which was pretty cool.  The suit itself had a large amount of hard surface detail in it and had to be rebuilt to optimize the mesh which was all done in Modo.  Modo is a great piece of modeling software for this kind of stuff!  Scans that are done in the industry are not the end product and most don’t understand that we just use the scan as a base to work off of.  There’s no way the scan alone could be used because its so high poly it would crash or make your computer run really slow.   The skill level to rebuild such a suit almost requires someone with an engineering mindset.  Most artist have to have a great understanding of the world around us and are part artist, part engineer.  The whole job had to be separated and handed out to several artist to have it complete in time.  The method of texturing we went with in the underlying suit was not the typical projection painting in Mari from high quality photographs.  We took the procedural approach to some degree using many different softwares including Photoshop, DDO and using Zbrush to actually sculpt in the patterns.  This method proved better in quality to make those textures pop off the screen more.  This is going above and beyond what the industry is fed by other scan companies.  We supply a model completely ready to go just shy of being rigged for animation.  We do shader work on our end to show the client what can be achieved on their end.  Its up to the vfx vendor who is creating the shot to make it look right but we’ve supplied everything they really need and makes their job so much easier.  This helps local productions save money in the Georgia area since all that extra work stays in Georgia instead of going out of state to a vfx house and losing the tax incentives.   3d scanning is our first attack in a job but its a small part that plays in the massive project!

Vic Holt

VP – 2cgvfx

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