3D Scanning

What is 3D Scanning (aka “Cyberscanning”)?

3D scanning is the process of capturing three-dimensional data of a real-world object which can then be used to construct a digital three-dimensional model. This process is achieved through the use of 3D scanners which create a point cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the subject being scanned. 3D data is useful in a variety of applications the main one being the entertainment industry in the creation of both movies and video games. Other applications include but are not limited to: industrial design, construction, architecture, reverse engineering, 3D printing, orthodontics and prosthetics, rapid manufacturing/prototyping, quality control, and historical documentation.

3D Scanning at 2nd Chance Games & Visual Effects
With our 3D scanners, 2nd Chance Games & Visual Effects is able to capture 3D data of real objects ranging from actual actors and actresses, to movie props, and even entire sets. Our portable scanners make us very mobile allowing us to show up to the scan site and quickly capture the data we need.

3D scanning uses in film:
– Face and head scans for characters
– Full body scans for characters
– Object scans such as props and articles of clothing
– Location and environment scans of movie sets and landscapes
– Scans used computer graphics and animation

Digital Data Processing
After the data is captured, it is then aligned and processed by our scan technicians. Following this, it is then sent off to our artists for additional digital modeling and texturing to ensure top quality delivery. 2CGVFX employees are located in both hemispheres which allows for projects to be worked on 24/7 via the cloud. This decreases turnaround time and creates a more efficient work process within the company.

Similar to film, 2nd Chance Games & Visual Effects captures the 3D data of real life objects including heads used for characters in games, game props, and locations/geography being used in the game. The convenience of our portable scanners allows us to be mobile making it easy to travel to scan sites. 2CGVFX also has the ability to recruit resources locally for projects assigned remotely.

3D scanning uses in gaming:
– Head and body scans for characters
– Full body scans
– Object scans
– Location and environment scans
– Scans for computer graphics and animation

Digital Data Processing
Digital data processing for games is also similar to film in that 3D data captured needs to be aligned and processed by scan technicians then sent to artists for digital modeling and texturing. Scans for games can be processed into near photo realistic data for games or have more of an artistic interpretation depending on the needs and wants of the client.

3D scanning is an integral element in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. Documentation of existing buildings, landscapes, and even historical sites cannot be replicated as easily and accurately as to 3D scan them. When it comes to construction, 3D scanning can provide the detail and accuracy needed by architects and building planners that construction drawings often lack. This data can then be used to create accurate models as representations or even be used as building tools to simulate the creation of new buildings and landscapes. The scope of scanning in this field can range from that of a single screw to entire blocks of a cityscape.

3D scanning applications include:
-As-built drawings of bridges, industrial plants, and monuments
-Documentation of historical sites
-Site modeling and lay outing
-Quality control
-Creating GIS (geographic information system) maps and geometrics
-Increasing accuracy working with complex parts and shapes
-Coordinating product design using parts from multiple sources
-Replacing missing or older parts

When it comes to the automotive industry, there is a wide array of 3D scanning applications.

3D scanning automotive solutions include:
– Reverse engineering
– Part replication
– 3D printing
– 3D inspection and quality control
– Rapid prototyping/manufacturing
– VFX uses in games, simulations, and movies

Like many of the other industries that use 3D scanning, there is a vast array of application for scanning when it comes to the medical field ranging from scanning actual parts used in major surgery to capturing the 3D shape of a patient in orthotics and dentistry. Other uses include plastic surgery in which 3D scanning is used to scan the body of patients then modify the data to show a visual representation of what the patient will actually look like after the procedure is completed. This will in turn bridge the gap between patient expectation and actual procedural outcome.

3D Visualization

What is 3D Visualization?
3D visualization is the technique of creating images and animations that can aid in understanding the meaning of the data they represent. This process is used as an effective form of communication for both abstract and concrete ideas. Applications for 3D visualization continue to expand today in a variety of fields including: science, education, engineering, interactive multimedia, medicine, and automotive.

3D Visualization at 2nd Chance Games & Visual Effects
At 2nd Chance Games & Visual Effects, our combined experience along with the talent of our artists and the capabilities of our scanners, we can create 3d visualization ranging from precise dimensional replication to complete artistic interpretation depending on the nature of the work that needs to be completed. It is our goal to work closely with each and every client so as to meet expectations in an affordable and timely manner.